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COS cells transfected with the sense HEK/CDM8 construct stained specifically with the IIIA4 antibody, thereby confirming that the antigen recognized by the IIIA4 antibody and the expressed protein product of the HEK cDNA clone were identical. When hand-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (HATS) is used for surgery on the thymus, median sternotomy is not required. Efficacy of second intra-tendinous platelet-rich-plasma injection in case of incomplete response of the first injection: three-year follow up experience.

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These data along with previous immunochemical studies of TnC expression demonstrate that the slow skeletal and cardiac muscle isoform is the only TnC expressed in the heart. While CDDO-Me has radioprotective activity through Nrf2 activation in vitro and in vivo, its ability to mitigate radiation-induced damage when provided after irradiation has not been studied. Finally, cholecystokinin expression is increased in meso-limbic and nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons of schizophrenic patients. Hence, this study aims to understand the role of DPYD variants in serum level of 5-FU and the risk of developing toxicity to prevent adverse reactions and maximize therapy outcome for personalized medicine. This has been achieved through the establishment of several specialist data centres, including the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, which produces the Cambridge Structural Database.

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Holographic microscopy as a technique for recording dynamic microscopic subjects. Radioisotopic evaluation of renal function in cyclosporine-treated pediatric and adult renal transplant recipients and their living donors. We control using bright light an actively-quenched avalanche single-photon detector. A case of duodenal hemangioendothelioma with bleeding is reported.

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Evaluation of the bactericidal activity of a new disinfectant (Virkon) Brugia malayi microfilariae incubated with human platelets caused dose-dependent inhibition of agonist-induced platelet aggregation, thromboxane generation, and serotonin release. Pediatric brain tumors are the most common solid tumor of childhood. The methods used to evaluate the toxicological effects of PCBs in animals have been reviewed. It is tension free repair of weakened inguinal wall using polypropylene mesh.

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Mid-term results after a newly designed nitinol stapes prosthesis use in 46 patients. The present study evaluates the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of this strategy.

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Presented here is a methodology for planning the evolution of information systems. This study estimated the levels of glycemic control among subjects with self-reported diabetes in urban and rural areas of four regions in India. Tramadol, an atypical opioid, is a narcotic analgesic used for pain management. Prospective randomized trials with larger sample sizes or meta-analyses are required. Recently there has been an increase in pediatric formulation development inspired by increased regulatory incentives.

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This suggests that the substrates of the protein kinases activated by FMLP are dephosphorylated by PP1 and/or PP2A. In extracts of mammary tissue in vivo, Bak heterodimerized with Bcl-x whereas Bax associated with Bcl-w, but Bak/Bcl-w heterodimers were not detected.

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We show that quinupristin/dalfopristin at subinhibitory concentrations reduces the release of S. The TiO(2) (110) surface is employed as a model surface to study formaldehyde adsorption and possible polymerisation mechanisms. Myelosuppression after frontline fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia: analysis of persistent and new-onset cytopenia.

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The degree to which widely accepted generalizations about food web structure apply to natural communities was determined through examination of 50 pelagic webs sampled consistently with even taxonomic resolution of all trophic levels. Rosai-Dorfman disease: a rare lesion with dura tail sign mimicking spinal meningioma. The antibacterial minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of the active extracts were determined for the susceptible organisms, Staphylococcus aurous and Bacillus subtilis, using NBMD bioassays. Males carrying the compound-XY and no free Y chromosome are fertile. Placental vascular resistance did not change during the heart rate deceleration.

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Absolute self-calibration of the quantum efficiency of single-photon detectors. Changes in LDL-C levels and goal attainment associated with addition of ezetimibe to simvastatin, atorvastatin, or rosuvastatin compared with titrating statin monotherapy. Iron regulatory elements (IREs): a family of mRNA non-coding sequences.

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Experimentally calculated extinction coefficients, in the current work, are in good agreement with collated literature values measured by different authors with non-standardized methodology and each for a limited range of particle size. Left ventricular diastolic function was assessed by maximum negative dp/dt, constant T, diastolic compliance and 1/3 fractional filling before and after surgical revascularization. Violence by patients towards healthcare workers (Type II workplace violence) is a significant occupational hazard in hospitals worldwide.

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Recent field isolates of measles virus (MV) obtained by using B95-8 cells have been reported not to agglutinate African green monkey red blood cells (AGM-RBC). These results suggest that APE1 activity in nucleosomes, like BER glycosylases, is primarily regulated by its chance interactions with transiently exposed lesions. The development of this relationship in Israel in recent years is described.

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The results show limitations linked to acquisition of the sample, but also indicate scope for further research on SOC, and on the differences between youth cultures, SOC and identified health assets. Defective response of radiation-sensitive mutants to anisotonic shock. Propagation with distributed Gaussians as a sparse, adaptive basis for higher-dimensional quantum dynamics. Our calculations use the Becke exchange and Perdew-Wang correlation functional (BPW91) combined with the Stuttgart effective core potentials to represent the valence electrons of gold, silver, and platinum, and the all-electron DGTZVP basis set for C, H, N, and O.

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The ER (endoplasmic reticulum) consists of the nuclear envelope and a peripheral network of membrane sheets and tubules. Treatment considerations for impacted mandibular canines differ in comparison with other teeth. Systematic literature searches identified randomized and nonrandomized prospective studies reporting clinical outcomes of CRC surgery. In vivo evaluation of cellular immunity in different phases of contact dermatitis.

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These results indicate that elevated salinity and aeration influenced the switch from lysogenic to lytic existence for the phage varphiHSIC. The existing model for diffusion across the unstirred layer is based on auxiliary conditions which are unlikely to be fulfilled in the same intestine. The rapid improvement seen in this patient following the initiation of dry needling to the upper trapezius, levator scapula, deltoid, and infraspinatus muscles suggests that surrounding muscles may be a significant source of pain in this condition. Consideration of benefits and costs: a conceptual framework for the health planner. These techniques changed the concentration of bile acids in different parts of the colon, and the daily fecal total bile acid levels.

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Individuals inheriting the other deleted chromosome involved in the crossover have one copy of the region and manifest herditary neuropathy with susceptibility to pressure palsies (HNPP). Radiofrequency energy delivery to the lower esophageal sphincter: toward a precise understanding of Stretta technology.

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The outer cortical originated the bone blocks, and the medullar bone layer between was collected to be used in the sinus augmentation procedure, together with 5 of the bone blocks triturated. The results show that the transclones had no significant unintended influence on species abundance, richness, diversity, or composition for all populations investigated.

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The subgroup III GmPYL23, which cannot interact with any of the tested PP2Cs, differs from other GmPYLs. Recent clinical trials are reviewed, and because of the unfavorable outcomes, the special need for prenatal diagnosis is highlighted. The working group analyzed the epidemiology of aortic stenosis and current clinical recommendations in the light of current evidence, taking into consideration their own experience in Portugal. An unreported clindamycin adverse reaction: wrist monoarthritis. So now is the right time to ask: are you thinking about bone density in children correctly?

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An immunohistochemical study of specimens obtained from neurogenic urinary bladder (from the trigonum and the corpus) of children with meningomyelocele and during autopsy was performed using antibody against c-kit (CD 117). Underlying concerns exist regarding the use of certain types of HBSs and conditions under which they are used. On the other hand, carrying the T allele may render patients more prone to developing a positive skin pathergy test.

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The development of aminopeptidase activities responsible for the processing of specific neuropeptides acting on brain microvessels may be important in the development of regulation processes for cerebral blood flow and BBB permeability in the maturing animal. The small nuclear RNA (snRNA) genes have been widely used as a model system for understanding transcriptional regulation due to the unique aspects of their promoter structure, selectivity for either RNA polymerase (Pol) II or III, and because of their unique mechanism of termination that is tightly linked with the promoter.

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In addition to aniseikonia, binocular factors are to be taken into consideration for refractive surgery. ACS NSQIP National conference: speakers promote professionalism, collaboration to achieve quality improvement.

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Dynamic regulation of human endogenous retroviruses mediates factor-induced reprogramming and differentiation potential. Lingual goitre was found in two adolescents suffering from mild dysphagia. Polychromatic x-ray beams traveling though material are prone to beam hardening, i.e., the high energy part of the incident spectrum gets over represented when traveling farther into the material. The possible relationship of this enzyme to the regulation of nitrate reduction is discussed. Peppers from Capsicum species (Solanaceae) are native to Central and South America, and are commonly used as food and also for a broad variety of medicinal applications.

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However this did not necessarily equate to sleep behaviour change such as increased sleep duration or improved sleep hygiene. Specifically, antithrombin was rendered nonfunctional as an inhibitor of clotting enzymes as a result of a limited, heparin-dependent cleavage by neutrophil elastase.

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Diagnosis dialog for pediatric physical therapists: hypotonia, developmental coordination disorder, and pediatric obesity as examples. These issues are essential in minimizing perioperative morbidity and mortality.

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The distaste that so many clinicians feel for administration has led them to abandon the field to others. The protective effect of NRG (50 mg/kg/day, po) was identified by estimating liver functions and oxidative stress markers such as lipid peroxidation, reduced glutathione, superoxide dismutase, glutathion s-transferase, and catalase as well as protein profile.

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Here, I reflect on recent papers by Scheffer and van Nes, and by Gravel et al., which illuminate how neutrality can emerge from ecological and evolutionary processes, thus suggesting ways to unify neutral and niche perspectives. Immunoreactive ANP in 10 normal subjects and 20 untreated patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension was compared with echocardiographic measurement of cardiac size, function and blood pressure. An accurate evaluation of this replication can be obtained through quantitative research of the HBc antigen on liver. Non-operative treatment consists of exercises of the compensating extensor pollicis longus and flexor pollicis longus muscles and use of adaptive devices, such as larger grips. This decrease, which could not be overcome by changing the growth phase or increasing the cell density used, could be avoided by the repeated addition of a low concentration of hydroquinone over 3 days.

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Cellular thyroid peroxidase (TPO), unlike purified TPO and adjuvant, induces antibodies in mice that resemble autoantibodies in human autoimmune thyroid disease. Caffeine (1, 3 and 10 mM) caused a transient contraction in endothelium-intact arterial strips. 5-Hydroxy-equol was present at much lower concentrations than equol and the main metabolite produced from genistein was the intermediate dihydrogenistein. A potent HIV protease inhibitor identified in an epimeric mixture by high-resolution protein crystallography.

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X-linkage would raise correlation (to various extents) in male and mixed sex pairs where each male is related through his mother, for instance. The aim of these study was to check the anticancer effect of ciprofloxacin on selected five cell lines. SF was sampled prior to induction and at weekly intervals for 5 weeks.

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In an era of an empowered public and patients, the internet may be a more powerful determinant of health-seeking behaviour than medical opinion. It explains how the agency has grown to meet the needs of both patients and therapists, and gives case examples as illustrations of successful intervention. A prospective analysis of the incidence of paranasal sinus opacification in 100 patients referred for cranial computerized tomography (CT) for non-sinus related problems is described. Gas chromatographic determination of diquat and paraquat in crops.

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Increased prevalence of anxiety symptoms in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysis. Strategies for managing Type IV laryngotracheoesophageal clefts at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

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After identifying cryptic lineages, we then determine the discrepancy between the mtDNA and the morphotypes in several individuals. Isolated lower extremity ischemia as the presenting syndrome of aortic dissection is rare and frequently misinterpreted so that the diagnosis of aortic dissection is delayed or missed, often with catastrophic results. Mean excretion then decreased gradually to below detection limits by day 21 postinoculation.

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Presynaptic muscarinic receptors in guinea pig superior cervical ganglion. We found that multibranched terminal loops in pri-miR-166s substantially suppress miR-166 expression in vivo. Amplitude increased and/or peak latency decreased with increasing SOA, however no interaction effect was found with recording site or with ear stimulated.

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An example is presented in which the inhibiting effect ofp-coumaric acid on the growth of morning-glory plants is modified by the addition of glucose. Simultaneous determination of seven bioactive components in Oolong tea Camellia sinensis: quality control by chemical composition and HPLC fingerprints. Molecular modeling, high-throughput fluorescence intercalator displacement (HT-FID) assays, and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) studies demonstrate that complex 2 exhibits significantly slower dissociation rates compared to platinum phenanthroimidazoles without side-chains and other reported G-quadruplex binders. Toxicity of allyl isothiocyanate-amended soil toLimonius californicus (Mann.) (Coleoptera: Elateridae) wireworms.

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All intra J chain disulfide bridges of human sIgA, the disulfide bonds between the J chain and the two IgA monomers, and one inter IgA monomer disulfide bridge were determined. In the longer term, approaches to returning incidental findings may need to focus on limiting the number of incidental findings to a number that can be addressed by patients and providers. These unusual microvilli running within the ooplasm are surrounded by several vesicles of the Golgi complex and endoplasmic reticulum, and often end close to the nucleus. Here, we demonstrate by deletion and alanine scanning mutagenesis that this region in the CP is responsible for its preferential accumulation in the nucleolus of host cells.

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Comparison of pre-analytical FFPE sample preparation methods and their impact on massively parallel sequencing in routine diagnostics. The majority of unigenes would be novel genes without significant counterparts in the public omics databases.

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We also review the application of mechanochemical principles to understand the assembly and constriction of the FtsZ ring. Vitamin D3 analogs and paclitaxel (Taxol) are able to inhibit the in vitro growth of a variety of malignant cells including breast cancer cells.

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The adsorbed proteins enhanced or reduced the ability of the membranes to stimulate neutrophil superoxide production, as measured by cytochrome-C reduction. Regulation of tumor cell migration and invasion by the H19/let-7 axis is antagonized by metformin-induced DNA methylation. AHRS modules were carefully attached to the center plate of the Gimbal table and put through experimental static and dynamic conditions. Clinical studies of the High-Intensity Narrow-Spectrum light Environmental Decontamination System (HINS-light EDS), for continuous disinfection in the burn unit inpatient and outpatient settings.

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Based on the improvements in speed and the acceptance of these FES systems, a greatly increased role for FES in treating gait disorders is suggested. The later peak fever activity was greatly reduced by heating the vaccine at 100 degrees C for 30 min while the first was little affected by such treatment. Our objective was to measure the impact of a DNA gyrase mutation whose implication in fluoroquinolone resistance has been previously demonstrated through biochemical studies, on the in vivo activity of 3 fluoroquinolones: ofloxacin, moxifloxacin and garenoxacin.

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fluzole 150 mg ne kadar 2013-07-10

Self-assembly in nature: using the principles of nature to create complex nanobiomaterials. Cohort of 547 first-time singleton mothers with a normal pregnancy recruited prospectively of whom 451 women consented to follow-up 5 years later. Helicobacter pylori infection does not promote hepatocellular cancer in a transgenic mouse model of hepatitis C virus pathogenesis. The patients of both group were similar by main characteristics, but the concomitant diseases (coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases) were seen more often in ML-group. Recent research has demonstrated that the major site baycip 500 mg dosis cataflam of apolipoprotein(a) synthesis, the characteristic protein of lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)), is the liver and that patients affected by liver cirrhosis have low serum concentrations of Lp(a).

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To investigate age-related differences in short- (SICI) and long-interval intracortical inhibition (LICI) across a range of test TMS intensities and test MEP amplitudes. Several properties are shared by MSP-300 and members of the spectrin superfamily: it is associated with actin microfilaments, its sequence exhibits spectrin-like repeats and it is localized at sites where actin is linked to the plasma membrane. It is recommended that drug-endangered children receive medical evaluation and care with documentation of overall physical and mental conditions and have urine drug testing. is indapamide a statin drug Consensus in chronic ankle instability: aetiology, assessment, surgical indications and place for arthroscopy. The severe lesions were predominantly observed at the bifurcation of the pulmonary artery.

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The extreme C-terminus directly interacts with blades 1-3 of the dalmane recreational dose gabapentin small ribosomal protein RACK1/ASC1, which is a part of the 40S head, and, consistently, deletion of the ASC1 coding region likewise affects eIF3 association with ribosomes. Motor development skills of 1- to 4-year-old Iranian children with early treated phenylketonuria. A deletion mutagenesis approach was employed to elucidate critical sequences in Raf-1 necessary for binding to Ras and to resolve seemingly contradictory data in the literature. The instruments were initially developed for English-speaking clients and were later translated into several languages and used within a variety of cultures. Neither benzoin nor caprolactam induced a significant increase in the frequency of abnormal sperm as compared to that for animals treated only with the corn oil.

fluzole 150 side effects 2018-07-27

We have performed a systematic analysis of catalytic neoprofen administration PGRP function using deletions, separately and in combination. Lysine overproduction and AEC-resistance were also expressed in plants regenerated from the variant cultures. As these consumers swell the ranks of the self-care movement, they provide a growing market for a wide variety of home-use medical devices--everything from blood pressure monitors to cancer screening kits.

fluzole 150 mg nedir az 2012-07-13

A test of alternative supervision strategies for family planning services in Guatemala. The artichoke, Cynara scolymus, is one of the most ancient plants grown in the world, and its extracts, obtained from different parts of the plant (leaves, fruits and roots), have been spironolactone clinical pharmacology pdf used as medicaments from time immemorial.

fluconazole boots chemist ireland 2012-05-05

In order to assess the existence of B lymphocytes capable of producing anti-tumour antibodies in non-tumour-bearing individuals, human lymphocytes derived from foetuses and adults were fused with the heteromyeloma cell line CB-F7. zolpidem alcohol mixtures FK506 (also known Tacrolimus, Prograf) is an immunosuppressant drug which is used to prevent rejection after organ transplantation. Monoclonal antibodies against human fibroblast collagenase and the design of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure total collagenase.

zemyc 150 fluconazole 150mg tab 2019-08-21

However, the partially-submerged coupons were not affected by humidity as the surfaces of these coupons were saturated due to capillary suction of sewage on the coupon surface. Hypersensitivity reactions to various microbial recall antigens as well as granulocyte functions were evaluated. This study aimed to evaluate the association between dietary patterns and risk of BC in Spanish women, stratifying by menopausal status and tumour subtype, and to compare the results with those of Alternate Healthy Index (AHEI) and Alternate Mediterranean Diet iv acyclovir vs oral acyclovir prophylaxis Score (aMED). The involvement of Neurospora crassa alternative NAD(P)H dehydrogenases in mitochondrial ROS production was evaluated.

fluzole 150 mg ne kadar emekli 2017-10-31

These high-intensity sources allow diffraction experiments to be performed on very small crystals or on large biological molecules, and permit weak magnetic scattering to be detected Anomalous dispersion experiments can exploit he ability to vary the wavelength of the radiation, and the pulsed time structure of the beam makes possible fast time-resolved experiments. Sixth Annual Meeting on Proteomic Sample Preparation, part of the second annual Getting Optimized Targets Summit: 24-25 April 2006, Cambridge Healthtech Institute, MA, USA. Tantalizing apparent differences in prevalence have resulted in an abundance of hypotheses about risk factors for multiple sclerosis, none of which have been firmly established. By contrast, subvertical zones of low resistivity breach ic topiramate 25mg uses the entire crust near the drill hole of the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth, northwest of Parkfield, and imply pathways for deep fluids into the eastern fault block, coincident with a mechanically weak crust and the lower tremor amplitudes in the lower crust. A new type antimicrobial peptide astacidin functions in antibacterial immune response in red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii.

fluzole 150 mg nedirtbikes 2018-08-19

This case report describes the treatment of a 25-year-old woman with anterior open bite, Class II skeletal malocclusion, and a history of temporomandibular joint pain and sounds. Local infiltration analgesia (LIA) with local anaesthetic (ropivacaine), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (ketorolac) and epinephrine after lower extremity arthroplasty has gained increasing popularity during the last decade. In some respects BASPs are similar to high mobility group (HMG) proteins, but in contrast to HMG, all BASPs are very acidic buccastem 3mg reviews (pI 4.4-4.6) and show abnormal mobility during SDS-PAGE electrophoresis.

fluzole 150 mg yan etkileri 2017-07-13

Kavalactones, a novel class of protein glycation and lipid peroxidation inhibitors. In any case, the influence of the familial factor must be slight, since differences were not found difference between omeprazole and aciphex cost when comparing simulated and observed families. Autonomic nervous system activation during social cognition tasks in patients with schizophrenia and their unaffected relatives. Calcium modulation of single SR potassium channel currents in heart muscle.

fluconazole tablets fusys 150 pokemon 2015-01-05

We conclude that the losartan dosage available Lac-Q questionnaire is a useful clinical tool to evaluate outcomes after adult lacrimal surgery. Monoclonal antibodies against the human homologue of mouse macrosialin, CD68, are generally commercialized as markers for human monocytes and macrophages.